Luca Prodan

Luca Prodan was born in Rome (Italy) and settled in Argentina to form one of the most important groups in the history of rock in our country: Sumo.


Luca studied in Scotland, in a traditional school where he was a classmate of Prince Charles of England. After a few years, he escaped from the establishment to tour Europe. His first significant group was The New Clear Heads, formed in London in the '70s.


Then he crossed the Atlantic and settled in Córdoba, to form Sumo with friends and neighbors and radically change the sound of the time.


Sumo had several formations, in 1981 it was composed of Alejandro Sokol, Ricardo Curtet, Germán Daffunchio, Stephanie Nuttal and Luca Prodan. The second Sumo formation was in 1983, with Luca Prodan, Alejandro Sokol, Roberto Pettinato, Germán Daffunchio and Diego Arnedo. To reach the third formation of 1985 made up of Roberto Pettinato, Luca Prodan, Ricardo Mollo, Diego Arnedo, Germán Daffunchio and Alberto Troglio.

On December 20, 1987, he gave his last show at the Club Atlético Los Andes. Some testimonials claim that she says "ahí va laltima", before singing "Fuck you". A few days later he was found still alive, in his house in Alsina 451, in the neighborhood of San Telmo.


Within his work there is a notable influence from his journey through food, known as the location of a new market, where he also founded his home Carlos Gardel. Luca lived between 1983 and 1986 in a building located on calle Gallo 492, in the neighborhood of Almagro. Crossing Humahuaca Street you will find the bar “El Destino” located at Gallo 506, a typical Buenos Aires bar where Luca would go every morning, drinking a drink, writing songs, and at times without a cell phone, making calls from the public telephone. from the bar.